About Us



Rapid Response Secure Ambulance is, an independent specialist secure patient transport and support services. We cater and assist for the needs of Vulnerable Adults, Older Adults, Adolescents and Children. Our services include secure transport for individuals detained under the mental health act, Non-emergency patient transport and we also act as an agency to provide support staff for secure observations (Bed Watch).


Mental Health Secure Transport

Our secure mental health transport service provides transport for people with forensic and acute mental health issues, learning difficulties, dementia, autistic spectrum and challenging behaviors. Vehicles include Home Office approved Cell vehicles ambulances. We offer covert and overt transport, depending on the specific needs of the patient. All projects are subject to a preliminary risk assessment to ensure the safety of patients at all times.


Bed watch (Secure Mental Health Observation Support Staff)

Bed watch" is secure observation service for detained patients who may be required to stay in hospital on medical emergencies. This service includes supply of specially trained staff to monitor and support patients who require enhanced observations and security.


Medical Courier

Our medical courier department provide a same day dedicated courier service to the UK Healthcare sector including secure collection and delivery of pathological specimens, medical equipment, internal/external mail and confidential records.


Preferred Suppliers To The NHS Via The Crown Commercial Service And Registered On Local Authorities Procurement Services. Rapid Response Personnel Ltd t/a Rapid Response Secure Ambulance is Registered In England No.10836085 Copyright Ⓒ Rapid Response Personnel Ltd, All Rights Reserved